3 tips for building products for a workforce that’s on the go

Superlight 13.3” laptop is just 837g, has HDMI, USB, & USB-C ports so dongles not needed

Those who bring their work laptops home on a regular basis would know the joy of travelling without the added encumbrance every once in a while.

It’s a bit of a throwback to the liberating feeling of not needing to lug your laptop everywhere once the holidays roll around, back in your student days.

There’s just one problem, which is that the undercurrent of anxiety that comes from knowing a work-related crisis situation will probably crop up when you are least prepared.

Thus, having your laptop with you at all times is probably the only way to keep this cosmic conspiracy at bay.

Here’s why the Dynabook* Portégé X30L-G deserves some serious consideration, whether you’re someone who’s had to draft a long email (or worse – edit a spreadsheet) on your phone, or if you just happen to carry your laptop around a lot.

(*Dynabook is a brand that is both new and established, because it was formerly known as Toshiba, up till a rebranding exercise was done in 2019.)

837 grams

For starters, Dynabook says that the laptop weighs 870 grams.

The unit we received, however, weighed just 837 grams.

This article was originally published in Mothership.com

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